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What is 1 on 1
Divorce Coaching here at Divorce Shield

A coach is someone that helps creates a game plan, helps you make mid-game changes, and hold you accountable to the plan. I call my process The Men's Divorce Coaching and Mentoring Program (MDCMP). You are getting someone to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. I am both a coach and a mentor. I also only work with Men because women have many options for support when it comes to divorce.

The MDCMP will help you figure out what you want out of your divorce. We will decide if divorce is the right decision for you and, if so, how you proceed. If your wife has told you divorce is coming, we will work through the feelings you have about this process that may have blindsided you. We will help get you from where you are to where you want (or need) to be.

Working with you in the MDCMP, we will discover and clarify what you want to achieve. We will encourage you to concentrate on yourself and rediscover who you are. We will set goals, and we will hold your feet to the fire to make sure you follow through with what you decide you are going to do. Accountability is an essential part of coaching. 

We will mentor you through the divorce process. We have 17+ years of divorce experience, so we know everything that you will go through. While we give no legal advice, there are a variety of things that you will go through that we can work on without you having to spend thousands on an attorney. 

We will build your vision for your post-divorce life, including dating again. We believe that you have to learn from the dark times in life. We will do an autopsy of your marriage and figure out how to make your next relationship successful

Most importantly, the MDCMP provides you a safe space to talk to someone about everything you are feeling and going through. Men often do not feel comfortable discussing their feelings and personal life with friends, family, and colleagues. Talking things out during divorce is essential. Our conversations are confidential. You can count on us to be compassionate, tolerant, trustworthy, and open.

Our coaching program requires you to be accepted. We want to ensure that only serious men are part of the program because like football or basketball, we cannot play the game for you. 

Ready to get started and see if you are a good fit?


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