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How do you "get screwed" in your divorce?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We are so excited to start a brand new blog, all about Divorce Preparation. We have been thinking about his project for years and now it is finally here. We hope that you will find useful nuggets throughout this site. Our hope is to educate men throughout the United States and the world on ways to prepare for divorce so that you can minimize the chance of getting screwed.

Let's start with the concept of "getting screwed." Many of you probably saw that phrase and thought that men always get screwed. Turns out, that is not true. Divorce is not a "win or lose" proposition. Ending a marriage is always a loss for both parties. Most of your perception of how the divorce goes lays in how you handle yourself and your spouse. We believe that you can and should take tangible steps to mitigate your financial responsibilities, while also ensuring your children have two active parents in their lives. We also believe that you need to understand the dangers lurking in divorce and how to protect your freedom.

But, above and beyond all of that, keeping your mind, body, and sanity above water before, during, and after divorce is the most important factor in you feeling whether you "got screwed." You see, you control how you perceive your divorce. While there are specific things that can definitely screw you (loss of custody, payment of a lot of alimony, etc.), it turns out that you have some control over those things if you properly prepare. Your own mind is a more difficult topic, and one that few men deal with in earnest before they start down the divorce road. However, we are going to tackle it head on.

We believe that men, when empowered, can leave divorce in a positive position. Will you always get everything you want? Of course not! It has been said that the best divorce is where both parties are equally content (or unhappy) with the result. If it is so one-sided that one spouse is happy and the other is pissed, then the outcome is not fair and reasonable. We are going to train your mind to go into the divorce process with an eye towards what you actually need to be happy in the next chapter of your life.

So, look around this site and come back often for great blogs. Be sure to check out our podcast as well. Finally, when you are ready to get serious about preparing for divorce, sign up for the Divorce Preparation Academy and let's get to work!

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